Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Online Reseller Registration




What do I need to know about the reseller registration process?


  • You can use the reseller onboarding link to register as a Poynt reseller. 
  • You will need to provide your Company details, choose a pricing plan, select from a list of payment processors, add a credit card and agree to a reseller agreement. 


What happens after I register to be a reseller?


  • You will first receive an email confirming your registration with a link to Poynt Mission Control (Reseller Portal). You can use your login information you created during the registration process to gain access to Poynt Mission Control.
  • Once logged in, you will see the ‘Get Started’ page that will provide you step-by-step instructions on how to do things like add merchants and activate terminals.


Pricing & Payment


Does Poynt offer any other payment plans for resellers other than the current  $15/month per device?


Yes, but only for enterprise agreements at this time. If you’re interested in an enterprise agreement, please submit this form and a member of our team will reach out to you.


Do I (or my merchant) pay for the $15/month plan?


The reseller will incur this monthly cost.


What’s included for my merchants in the plan?


By purchasing the reseller plan, activated terminals will have access to a single portal to manage in-store & online business, multi-store & multi-tenant, and access to 100s of apps. For more features and benefits for your merchants, click here.


Why do I need to add a credit card during registration?


We ask that you put a credit card on file during registration so that when you start activating and managing terminals you can be charged for the Poynt platform services.


If I complete the registration, will my credit card be charged immediately?


No. Poynt will only begin charging your credit card if and when you activate terminals.


How am I (the reseller) billed?


Poynt will invoice you every month based on the number of terminals you activated for your merchants and the monthly plan you selected during registration. 


For example, if you selected the $15/month device plan and you have 100 devices, your monthly invoice will be $1,500. We will use the credit card you provided during registration to charge that amount.


Since I’m paying for the device plan and the terminals, how do I charge my merchants?


It is up to you as the reseller and your merchant to determine a billing structure and rates. Poynt will provide access to Poynt HQ (Merchant Portal) to all your merchants for no additional cost. We do not charge your merchants for terminals and associated monthly fees.


For example, in the case where a merchant wants to upgrade their software bundle they can follow this guide which includes what’s available and payment.


Terminals & Onboarding Merchants


How do I onboard/add merchants to my Poynt dashboard (Mission Control)?


You can onboard merchants in Poynt’s Mission Control. 

Please watch this how-to video for instructions.


Here are detailed, written instructions


How do I select a payment processor for a merchant?


You can select one of the payment processors that you have a relationship with while onboarding a merchant in Mission Control (you also chose them during your reseller registration process). Merchant onboarding will require you to provide specific inputs depending on the processor you have selected for the process. If you would like Poynt to become your merchant’s payment processor and you don’t already have this relationship, please complete this form.


What apps are available via the Poynt App Center (store)?


Here is a list of highlighted apps


How do I activate a terminal?


You can activate a terminal via Poynt’s Mission Control software.

Please watch this how-to video for instructions.


Here are detailed, written instructions.


How do I buy additional terminals for merchants?


Please follow the terminal fulfillment process.


What is a demo unit (offered during the registration process) and how can I use it?


Demo units can be used by resellers to review various Poynt features and benefits for merchant and reseller training purposes. Those devices can also be used to demo Poynt services to any prospective merchants. The demo devices can be repurposed for live merchants if you choose to do so. 




How can I contact Poynt if I need more information to feel comfortable registering?


Please submit this form and a member of our team will reach out to you.


How do I contact Poynt Technical Support?


Please email us at

Or you can complete the Support form in Mission Control (Reseller Portal) by clicking here.