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Bring Omnicommerce Cloud capabilities to any Android Payment device

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Connect your card reader & instantly access a suite of products and services.

Omnichannel Gateway

Enable merchants to accept payments across multiple channels, using any device.


Advanced Terminal Management

Powerful, cloud-based fleet management tool accessible from anywhere.

Advanced Terminal Management

Merchant Portal

Manage daily operations like Settlements, Transactions, Accounting, and more.

Merchant Portal_2x

Powerful Business Apps

Access to a variety of business apps: everything from employee scheduling to inventory, from curbside pickup to gift cards.


Pre-integrated with 16 Hosts

Pre-integrated with multiple gateways that enable merchants to have the processor of their choice based on specific payment needs.

How It Works

You can connect your Android payment device to Poynt’s open platform by implementing the Payment SPI (Service Provider Interface).

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